Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Introducing Ground Motive

Ground Motive is sponsored by the Centre for Philosophy, Religion and Social Ethics (CPRSE) at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto.
A religious ground motive has "a central communal character and gives expression to a common spirit… It lies at the foundation of a community of thought, insofar as it guarantees ... mutual understanding even between philosophical trends which vehemently combat each other."
—Herman Dooyeweerd, 1961      
Ground Motive is a forum to host and foster quality online dialogue on subjects of relevance to the CPRSE’s mandate. It is intended for the benefit of the CPRSE and of all whose subject interests or fields of research and study intersect with those of the CPRSE and its participants.

ICS established the CPRSE to highlight the research component of its three-fold mission as graduate school, research centre and source of continuing education for people of faith and the broader public. The centre’s work is dedicated to the intersection of interdisciplinary philosophy, inter-religious dialogue and social ethics. The CPRSE promotes collaborative research by welcoming academics from other institutions, as well as members of the public, into our scholarship at ICS. We are especially interested in questions that arise in debates about social justice, economic sustainability, cultural and religious pluralism, democratic solidarity, environmental caretaking and the like.

At present, the Editor of Ground Motive is Ronnie Shuker, a doctoral student in philosophy at ICS.