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Hendrik "Henk" Hart (1935-2021) was the first Senior Member at the Institute for Christian Studies, where he taught from its founding in 1967 until his retirement in 2001. Over the course of his career, Henk explored such themes as, among others, the relationship between reason and faith, what the call to do justice means for Christians, and how the Bible might be read for the sake of wisdom in God's world. Many of these explorations were published in articles and books, but further investigations into these and other themes were undertaken in letters, notes, jottings, and journals. From Henk's Archives is a series on Ground Motive offering readers a look into this previously unpublished material graciously selected by Henk himself.

The material shows a wide variety in form, content, and length. Though it is edited for accessibility, it is not necessarily edited for more formal publication. Some pieces reflect more polish than others. What emerges is a panoply of writing that provides a way into the life and work of one of ICS's founding members, a career marked by provocations and consolations, ranging from devotional inspiration and personal introspection to theoretical frames and thought experiments. It is of interest for readers long familiar with Henk's work, now able to see other sides of and motivations for his thought, as well as new readers, who might encounter the seeds of contemplation that have grown into longer studies and projects. Pieces in From Henk's Archives have been collected and will remain available on this dedicated page of Ground Motive (see below).

Ground Motive considers it a blessing and a privilege to host this collage of literature from one of the founders of the Institute, and we hope it finds a wide and welcoming audience.

--Ground Motive Editors

Archive Update: In addition to the pieces previously collected in this archive, Henk wrote a brief reflection on death and dying a few months before he passed on March 15, 2021. This piece has been added to the archive below under the title: Confession of a Dying Man

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Confession of a Dying Man

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  1. I'm excited by this effort. Thank you Henk for sharing your thinking life in this way.

  2. I look forward to reading these peeks into your thoughts. Thank you, Hank, for your generosity. It will be an effective way to extend your mission. How about organizing an email subscription list so your fans will automatically receive your offerings?

    1. Hi Jan,

      I'm one of the editors for Ground Motive. On the right hand side of the page here, you can subscribe to posts from Ground Motive itself. You'll find a few pieces here and there that aren't from Henk, but Henk's pieces will usually be posted on Wednesdays, so you can be on the lookout that way if you'd like.